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I'm Alexandra Jarvis. I grew up in a small town in the middle of the mitten with a large family. I inherited an adventurous spirit from my dad and was blessed with a mom who - despite her maternal worries - gifted my siblings and me the freedom to explore the world around us. Whether it was building forts in the woods, riding our bikes to and fro, or getting stuck in treetops, our exploration and tendency to push our limits was supported by my parents. 


True to form, the adventure continued when I decided to move to the frontier that is Michigan's Upper Peninsula for college. I was daily in awe of the beauty and rugged landscape that surrounded me. The crown jewel of it all, Lake Superior was the most moving and fascinating of all nature's features. I became interested in sea kayaking as a way to experience more of the lake and get to places that cars and boots couldn't take me. I grew to enjoy it so much that I began guiding in my free time. From begging my family to spend their summer vacations above The Bridge, to incorporating kayaking into annual camping trips and bachelorette parties, I used any excuse I could to take people on the water. Soon, friends of friends (strangers to me) were requesting guided trips at places like Grand Island and Presque Isle and I began to dream of owning my own business.


With a lot of encouragement from people who believe in me, I have combined my desire to start a business with my love for sea kayaking. I partnered with Anders, a great friend from college, and we launched a full-fledged sea kayak operation in 2016. The quietness of fog. The roar of waves. The splendor of sunsets. The thrill of Superior. These are the experiences that keep me in this northern land and inspired me to begin the venture that is Superior Kayaking Company. I hope to share them with you. 

I'm Anders Ahlberg. I hail from Iron River, a small town near the western edge of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Raised amongst the immense forests and lakes of the region, my passion for wilderness developed at an early age. When my family wasn’t camping or canoeing, my time was spent with siblings and friends, exploring the woods and streams near our family farm. 


In adulthood, I’ve studied at Northern Michigan University and received my degree in education. However, my life has more often led me outside the classroom. For five summers, I spent my days with children and young adults at Covenant Point Bible Camp, including one summer as a trip guide leading campers through the wild and beautiful surroundings of the Upper Peninsula, Wisconsin and Wyoming. 


As this new adventure begins, I find myself filled with a longing to thoroughly enjoy the beautiful setting of Superior. I believe time spent in nature is an integral part of nurturing our lives and healing our souls. I hope to share that time and place with you. Come join us out here.